Hide your home cinema


Most articles about home cinema shows large rooms that can only be used for this. But if you love movies and lacks abundance of square I recommend to hide your cinema at home. This is a little more Lo Fi version of home cinema, but works for most people.


An ordinary living room in the daytime.


Becomes a hidden cinema in the evening.

If you have a living room, bedroom or basement lounge with free space at the wall, you can use it for home cinema.


The picture shows a solution where I have a hidden projector in a rack cabinet. You can for example connect Sonos loudspeakers for «wireless» sound (must be connected to the socket) or use headphones if you have unpleasant neighbors or children.

Wall or canvas


A canvas mounted over the kitchen counter. Invisible during the day, the opposite in the evenings.

White walls works fine as canvas, but you can also hide the canvas in the ceiling in many ways or take it up from a sideboard. Another option is Screengoo canvas painting or Fenom that you paint on the wall with finest filter wool from such as Jotun.