Ikea hack: Loft-bed


I am a big fan of Ikea. Particularly as the starting point for a small hack. As here when we needed to utilize space to a maximum in the nursery and went double bunk with playroom top. I have two kids, but this fits naturally also for all of you with quadruplets or overnight visit.


The bed has a lot of storage both under and on the stairs up to the 2nd floor. Otherwise, it’s okay to have a place where children can play without the need to clean up all the time, the fence to the 2nd floor prevents access.



Set of four hours on Ikea without children but including lunch or kjøttbullar. Tip: You have the option in the daytime on a weekday will not have to spend two hours of queuing. Otherwise finn.no a good tip. Then you can take a ride on a timber merchant to buy MDF boards as you cut the sides of the bed. Here you also get hold of laminate that you can have in 2 floor. Bed. Finally, you can take a quick trip to either Clas Ohlson or Bauhaus (two other favorite stores, just saying) to buy LED lights to the ceiling of the bunk bed for reading the pods. I also bought a small box green color to the wall behind the bunk bed.


  • 2 «Mydal» bunk beds (IKEA)
  • MDF plates (Timber Trades
  • 1 «Faithful» storage combination (IKEA)
  • green paint
  • Laminate for floor
  • 1.5 Foam Mattress
  • 2 «Cousins» bed tray (IKEA)
Sparkle og mal sengen. Legg på laminat oppe.

Sparkle og mal sengen. Legg på laminat oppe. Klar til bruk.