Ikea Fyrtur smart blinds – cut to size

ikea-shades-hero.956x538Ikea has launched Fyrtur smart blinds in different sizes, but if your windows don’t have the right size you can cut it to fit. But on your own risk. Here is step-by-step guide what to do.



Start with measure how much you would like to shorten your Fyrtur blinds, I ended up with 6,5 cm.skrue-ut.jpg

Unscrew the end-piece.endestykke ta avTake of the end-piece.

dra av rullegardin

Take off the «roll».

blyant kasseMark 6,5 cm on the case.

blyant rullMark 6,5 cm on the roll.

blyant-gardin.jpgMark 6,5 cm on the curtain, along the whole side.

streker-opp-gardin-e1568398225677.jpgUse a pencil to mark the line on the curtain. I use the plastic case to make a straight line.

saks gardin

Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the curtain all the way.

saks kantCut the end like this.

list ta av

Take off the bottom list.liten-kant.jpgMark 6,5 cm on the bottom list.

kuttet liten kantCut the bottom list with a hacksaw.

kutt kasseCut of the case with a hacksaw.

kutte rullCut the roll with hacksaw.

list dings

Mount the bottom list back on.


Mount the roll back on the case.

rullegardin uten endestykke


Mount on the end-piece.


Now you are ready to mount the smart blinds.


Mount the battery and then you are ready to use your blinds.