Is Virtual Reality the reality of 2016?


This might be the best gift ever for your husband, dad or great grandfather; a chance to get away from the rest of the world. These VR glasses are not like Oculus Rift with built-in screen but you actually use your smartphone. Plug in your headphones and you are about to leave the ground for a while.
And the best thing is the price, i  bought these glasses for 40 EUR. You can adjust the lenses width and the smartphone distance.
First I started to search YouTube for some VR videos. You can find lots of videos here but i recommend an VR app. Here you can find concerts with Jack White, U2 VRvideo, where you can turn around 360 degrees. You can also watch the sunset in Hawaii in 360 or watch a base jumper going down the mountain.
It is like entering an amusement park and I think the next couple of years with 4K movies the future looks bright in Virtual Reality. Try out the app VRSE where Bono sits next to you singing in 360 degrees.
The only drawback for me was that I got a bit seasick in the beginning, especially when I entered a rollercoaster. I never get seasick elsewhere. My children didn’t mind at all when they tried it. But when I got used to it the seasickness disappeared. I recommend to try it out first before you buy the most expensive ones. The spectra glasses fits iPhone 6+ also.
VR briller
My recommended apps from App Store:
  • AscapeiOS: Watch Christmas in New York, sunset in Hawaii, Sao Pauolo, San Fransisco, The Rose city in Joran all in 360 VR.
  • Jaunt: Watch a clip from concerts with Jack White, Paul McCartney, Revolt or Travel experiences from Isreal, Nepal or watch some short movie clips with zombies etc.
  • Vrse: Different short movies/musicvideos. Muse and U2 have both to really cool videos, remember to plug in your headphones. Evolution of Verse is an interesting piece of art where the film takes the viewer on a journey from one beginning, to a new beginning.
  • Noon: Watch your own footage in a cineamlike experience.
  • Robin Schulz 360: One day in a life of a DJ.
  • NYT VR: Nice short movies/docus.