11 kommentarer om “Ikea hack: Get the max out of Pax – Murphy bed

    • Hi Sarah. It depends on what kind of doors you like, but if you use plain Ballstad doors it will cost about 280 USD. It include henges, mattress, 3 doors, beams and pax closet. It is norwegian prices so it is propably cheaper in other countries.


  1. It’s a fantastic idea And i want to make the same bed but i have one question concerning the foot of the bed i don’t understand how do you build them, i see a magnetic system
    Can you please explain me your system
    Many tanks in avance


    • Thank you Carine. I mounted some henges to the bedfoots, so when the bed is in the upright position the foots face down (see the last picture) When you pull the bed down the foots follows the bed down because of the henges and locks in position with the magnet mounted both on the foot and on under the bed . I am not sure if it was explainable:-)


      • Thank you very much your explication is very clear, i supposed you use this system but we can’t see this on the photo now i will try to reproduce your good work
        Thanks again 🙂


  2. Hi! Amazing idea!! The best on internet!
    One question only: how did you stick together the two ikea wardrobe frame? I can see a sort of pice of timber in between them or did you trim the original panel? Also because the doors need to fix the dimensions of 1500.



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