Ikea hack: Desktop with plenty of space


We wanted to make a long desk which one can sit two and work at the same time and which has numerous drawers/cabinets where you can hide all of office supplies. We also wanted a desk that is long which makes the room look bigger. This is an Ikea hack that is incredibly easy to make and you can even choose if you want lots of drawers or cabinets. You can also make it to one person also by cutting the worktop. It looks better when you drill holes for the wires so that they are hidden.

What do you need:

The only thing you need is a countertop and kitchen base cabinet. We have gone for Hammarp countertop. One can even choose what kind of kitchen base cabinet you want. If you want to lower your desk, you can cut the kitchen cabinets. If you want a high desk I recomend bar stools as shown. We used Bernhard bar stools but Janinge barstool is also ideal when you can regulate the height.

Base cabinets are Metod / maximera. Here there are also incredible variety of colors and combinations.