Parasol with a hidden base

Although the weather is getting colder in Norway, it is not like this for the
rest of the world.  So here is a tip for all of you who want to get the max out
of your terrace.
If you have an outdoor area that doesn`t have all the worlds of space, it can
be a solution to build the parasol base down under the terrace.
The most important thing is that you have to be 100 % sure where to place
the parasol, since you can`t change it`s position afterwards. This Ikeaparasol
has a very big base and is difficult to move around anyway, since it is filled up
with sand. So I figured out that it doesn`t matter if I just keep it in one place
in the future.
The positive thing about this Ikea parasol is that it is large and can be adjusted
in all different directions. In our case the parasol matched perfect over the
table. When the base is built into the platform,  you dont have to worry about
stumble into it and you get more space.