Ottoman with storage

Keep your hallway or living room tidy with Ottoman or a pouff with storage.

I always start a project by sketching a drawing on my remarkable. I love to have all my project sketches in one place.

Then I made a box of wood, it is up to you what materials you want to use.

Get some clothing you want your Ottoman wrapped in with, and start cutting. Cut it a bit bigger to fold the edges.

Wrap and fold the corners. Then use a staple gun.

When you are done it is time to make the top lock. I also mounted some hinges.

I used some foam rubber from an Ikea overmattress, to make the top lock a bit softer. Or you can buy some foam rubber, mine was 3 cm thick. Then cut it to fit the top.

I used some leftover oak to make the Ottomans feet.

Drill some holes to the feet.

And then you are done.