Made to measure home cinema with shelves

bilde 1 tv hylle fargekorr

I had an old Ikea Kallax shelf that I wanted to combine with new made-to-measure shelves and a home cinema.


This is what it looked like before I started. I figured out that I could use the Kallax shelf doors.

benk lage1

Start with cutting the plywood or MDF, whatever you prefer. Measure the space where you want to place the shelf. Some stores can help you to cut the plywood or MDF, but if you got the right tools it should be ok to do it yourself.

benk ferdig

Place the shelf and mount it together with wood screws. Since I am going to paint everything afterwards I am using mud/drywall compound to cover it all up where the screws are. First I mounted all the screws under the shelf, then on top of it.


Then you can start up with the frame with some beams. I mounted it to the wall. If you have a concrete wall use screws that are made for it. Some of my walls where concrete and some where drywall, so I had to find the stands behind the drywall to mount the beams to. A digital multiscanner is perfect for that job.


Mount the beams where you want the shelves to be. On the wall to the right I wanted to have some space for the wires to the projectorsreen.


Now it is time to cover it all up with plasterboards. In all innercorners you have to use standard papertape to avoid cracks. Then you cover the tape with mud/compound. Dry sand the joint. You probably need to do this about two or three times to get the best result.


I used metal drywall beds on all the outer corners  and you can just stich to fit. I used about 20 cm between each stitch.

jern list

When you have stiched it all together it is time to use the drywall mud/compound. To hide the wires behind the plasterboards, I mounted the projector screen now at this stage.


Add compound to the drywall joint, let it dry and sand it. Repeat twice for the best result.

sparkle hylle nær

Sand it again and again. Use a mask to avoid inhaling all the dust.

sparkle hylle

Looks pretty bad, but it will get better.

malt hylle ferdig

It is time to paint it. I painted it three times.

hylle siden venstre

Finally it is ready.


I recomend Logitechs Harmony ultimate universal remote. Then you can hide all your electronic stuff inside the shelf and it works perfectly.

hull til ledn

I cut a hole just behind the tv where all the wires go through to the electronic stuff beneath.

lerret nede

It is movie time.


hylle forfra


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