Hide your home cinema part 2


I wanted to make a place where I could hide my projector and all the wires. I did`t want to place the projector on the wall or in the ceiling. Or in my dreams I would like to hide it in the ceiling, but then again I would end up with lots of problems with all the wires.

I started out with cutting the plywood to the right dimensions. img_7440

I went as usually to Ikea an bought a kitchen door that matched the colour of the room.


Then it is time to screw the hinges in the right place, it can be a bit tricky.


It finally worked out.


When you have small kids I can’t always go nuts on the loudness, so I figured out that I wanted to plug in my headphones directly to the cabinet. So I drilled two holes that would fit the minijack on your headphones.


Paint it whatever colour you like.


Then you can just plug and play.